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2012-Jan-3 - blog porn sexy

What’s something you could wear that would really wow your partner? What’s really being shown right Hard Core Porn now are the high-waisted, kind of sheer in the back panties. It’s what I like to call Vaseline on the lens. With that sheer panty, it's like woo! And what about bras? Sometimes they say less is more, but the classic Sophia Loren-like full cup bra or Marilyn Monroe look is gorgeous. You’ve got to wear what suits your figure and what you feel comfortable in. And if you’re a curvy gal then a higher waist panty or short makes you look like an old pinup. Thanks Jenette! And now onto the bras! Two lovely models walked around the store showing off Jenette’s gorgeous selection of bras and these three styles really caught my eye Black lace is a classic for a Adult hard Porn reason; this saucy bra is guaranteed to make your guy go gaga. OK dolls, let’s hear it! Which of these bras would you wear for a sexy night in? Do you think your boyfriend would pick the same one? For more on passion and fashion… * Reader's Dilemma: Help! I Need Fancy Date Ideas! * Dating: Which of These 3 Outfits Would You Wear on a Fun Date? * Dating Men: How Do You Describe the Way Your Man Dresses?
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2012-Jan-3 - best porn sex blog

When we gab about bras here on Smitten, many of us complain that it’s hard to find pretty, sexy bras in our sizes. For gals with bigger busts, boring, matronly bras make up the bulk of our selection. However, lots of stores and sites are hoping to change that, including a lovely little shop here in Southern California. Jenette Bras carries a fantastic selection You Porn of sexy bras and lingerie. The shop’s slogan is “The alphabet starts at D!” Loves it! On Sunday, they hosted a grand opening party for their Pasadena location. I stopped by the soiree and asked shop owner Jenette Goldstein for some sexy tips and boy did she deliver! Clean sheets This is the opposite of a dirty item, but many of the guys and I agree, hopping into a nicely made bed, with fresh, clean sheets, makes us more up for it. “It’s like driving a new car,” says Sean, “you want to see what this thing can do.” Write a dirty note “When I get you home, I’m going to sit you Porno down, take off your tie, tie your arms to the chair, unzip your pants, and….” And so on and so forth. The more detail the better. Some erotic writing, a preview, really can set the mood for a sexy Christmas eve. Send a naughty email (NOT to his work account), or even better, a handwritten note (do NOT fax it; use snail mail). You can go any way you like: historical fantasy (“I’m a poor dutch girl trapped in a castle by my evil stepfather; I need the lust of a real man to set me free), a preview (see above), or just describe a dream you had where he was the sexy star—he’ll want to reenact it. Morning handjob As the girls and I discussed last week, the HJ is back in style. A morning BJ can be an awful lot of work—why not start his day off with something simpler, the bacon-and-eggs of morning sex? Sean has a similar wish this X-mas: “I want a handjob when I’m doing normal, non-sexy things, like watching TV. I can think of none more gratifying and selfish sex act than getting a nice tug while I watched the hockey game. That would be ideal. Like, I-will-now-take-that-hip-hop-dance-class-with-you ideal.” New Underoos
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2012-Jan-3 - hot adult blog

One of the great joys of childhood (along with spying—remember spying? You didn’t need a reason to spy, it was an end unto itself: “Wanna go spy?” Of course I do) was taking popular Christmas songs and replacing the lyrics with silly and occasionally bawdy lyrics. “Jingle Bells” became “Batman Smells,” and so on (take that, Batman). As we’ve grown into adults—or lusty man children, as the case may be—my friends and I still play this kind of game, but with our Christmas lists and activities that are more than just a little bawdy. Here they are, our x-rated X-mas lists: Leave my browser alone Sorry to start off on an imperative—one that is, in Sex Tube fact, not all that sexy—but the guys and I agreed: stay the eff away from our computers. We’re allowed a fantasy life and we’re allowed privacy. If we’ve taken that extra step of hiding our porn from you (for whatever reason), please appreciate that fact and stop snooping for it. You won’t like what you find, anyhow. Blowjob So predictable, I know. But the key actually lies in its unpredictability: “I want one when I least expect it,” says my friend Jacques. “Maybe I’ll be doing the dishes, or brushing my teeth…I’d love it if she just dropped to her knees and performed oral sex right on the spot.” Fetish night This is the night where fantasies become realities…like Christmas, but with come. My friend Terrence has a way to break the ice on this one. “People, and NOT women especially, have problems unveiling their kink, especially early on. And I get it. ‘I want you to tie me up and tickle me with your bathrobe string’ is not an easy thing to say to a new BF. Previously, I’ve asked girls to write something on a piece of paper. We each write four or five fantasies down, crumple 'em up, and put them in a jar. When we wanna get especially frisky, we’ll pull one out. No one has ever been disappointed. Only excited. At very worst you will try something new.” I can testify that this is actually what Terrence does. He’s shown me his Naughty Jar. I read some of them while he was doing his laundry. They’re fun. Anal “This is a gift my wife and I give Hot Adult to each other,” says my friend Arjun. “We both love it. And it’s true what they say (for me), it is better to give than to receive. But for my wife it’s the opposite. Now, here’s the thing, I like receiving too, once in a while. In fact, last year, my wife bought me a tiny toy to put up there. She doesn’t mind using her finger, but this frees her up to do other things.” I wrote “Underoos” on purpose, because I want you to know that sexy underwear doesn’t have to “sexy” underwear. If you showed off a new pair of polka-dot cotton briefs, I would be way more thrilled and a fancy schmancy sheer thing with clasps and levers. My friend Jonathan is the opposite, “I want her to look like she stepped out of a Maxim photo shoot: the teddy, the garters, the whole thing.” Whatever his preference, a little “I’ve never seen that before” can add some sweetness to our Christmas candy. That's our list. Why are there only eight items? It has more to do with my friends possessing jobs and having to get back and them than any kind of war-on-Christmas-type affairs, but I figure there's enough here for you to go on. Happy holidays. And may you get everything on your filthy little lists.
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2012-Jan-3 - free teen girls porn

The next time you take a shower together, wash his hair. Run your fingers through his locks or if he’s got short (or no!) hair, gently massage his scalp. Next, move on down and gently rub his shoulders. Your little treat will help him let go of the stress he’s been holding on to and get him primed for all the fun things you’d like to do together in the bedroom, or right there in the shower! Be sure to grab his hands and have him return the favor before you two dry off. What are your favorite ways to help your partner Free Teen Porn relax? Do you like to get mellow before a bedroom romp? Or maybe you prefer to work out your stress between the sheets? haha.'s the thought that counts. i'd be willing to wash his hair if we were taking a bubble bath in some fabulous oversized jacuzzi tub together, but considering he's 6 ft 8 and i'm only 5 ft 9, washing his hair would be a real workout. and my hair is very long and tangles easily, so i'm not sure i'd trust him to wash it. haha. i do like soaping up the rest of him though :] Whole lot of hooking up going on! * Sex Tips: Give Your Boyfriend This Sweet Kiss A.S.A.P. * Hooking Up: Heat Up Missionary With This Easy Move * Hooking Up: 5 Hot Dares to Try Tonight! my guy loves headscratches so i wash his hair Free Adult in the shower all the time. if i dont take the initiative(i usually do) he'll take shampoo and just plop it on his head and say "done" and stand there until i give in. then we soap each other up, taking our time in our favorite places, and he loves when i give him a deep backscratch in the shower too. almost always leads to more fun in the bedroom.
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2012-Jan-3 - free sex movies

A startling 60 percent of Americans did not use a condom when they lost their virginity; and half of Americans say they don't use condoms during sex, citing their confidence that their partner was free of sexually transmitted infections (despite 20 percent admit not being certain about their partners' history, and the fact that most of us aren't honest about our number to begin with). The survey also revealed that out of the U.S. women who have taken a sexual risk (condom-wise), nearly a quarter of them say it was a mistake they regret. Also, American men say that they have on average 20 sexual partners in total; Canadians say 27, Australians 25, the French 19, Brits 17 and Mexicans 15. American women claim to have 10 partners on average. So how do we reverse this trend and get America among the Free Sex Moive most prevalent condom-using nations? Education, of course. For those people who know the facts, but who find guys can be resistant to wearing condoms, take a look at these condoms that my friends and I agree are the best and least obtrusive. 1. Trojan Supra I used to buy Durex Bare, because it was non-latex (I don't like the smell), and less expensive than these but Durex is discontinuing that brand, so I'm now becoming loyal to Trojan Supra. The only downside, other than the price, is that the Supra doesn't come unlubricated. 2. Lifestyles Skyn Right up there with Supra is Lifestyles’ Skyn brand, which is Teen Porn also non-latex, though also not available without lube. These come in “large” size as well, while Supra is only available for regularly endowed gents. 3. Trojan Bareskin/Trojan Ultrathin A little pricier than other brands, this is a great, thin, latex condom. The latex claims to be “premium” and “odor resistant” but if you or your guy hates the smell of sex-drenched latex, skip these, forgo the thinness and go to a condom made of something else. 4. Kimono Microthin and Microthin Large For many of my friends (those who don’t mind latex), this is the number one choice. It’s not available everywhere yet, but you can buy them on the internet and my friends swear by them. Especially the larges. For some of us, the regular Kimono condoms fit too snugly
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2012-Jan-3 - porn tube sex hard core

Like most sex tips from an actual guy, this is not a sex tip for shy readers. It involves oral sex, and semen and perhaps a little parlor trick I like to call “the beguiling panther” (trust me, it’s disgusting once you know what it means), so if you’re not into this type of thing, please stop reading. If, on the other hand, you want to learn a super dirty and fun way to put a big, satisfied smile on your dude’s face, read on… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t care what Porno Tube happens to my come. Physically and psychologically, there is a momentary added bonus to coming inside the same warm and happy medium that has ensconced our penises for the last 5, 10 20 or however many minutes your manual/oral/vaginal/anal sex lasts. But aside from this (and there are ways to do it, while giving head, so that little to no come gets in your mouth), I really don’t care where my semen ends up, nor do I understand guys who do care. You can spit it out; you can swallow it; you can save it to be used as the world’s worst non-commercial adhesive. I really don’t give a shoot. If your guy is like me, and similarly doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to be finished once you’ve swallowed, spat or what have you. Yes, the blowjob is done; you did an excellent job (obviously), but there’s one more step you can take: clean him up. After we orgasm, there is often come left over that Adult Pornography leaks out in the following 30 seconds to a minute. If you want, you can “help” him with these extra drops, gently sucking on the tip of his penis while you massage the remnant out with a closed fist around his shaft. If you want your mouth to have nothing to do with his baby batter, another option is to say “stay there” (gently but firmly), and go to the bathroom. Wet a washcloth with warm water and then gently engage with the same pump action, but use the wet washcloth to absorb the remaining come and tidy up the head of his penis. In both cases, keep in mind that the head is very sensitive after orgasm, and while this varies from fellow to fellow, you want to err on the gentle side.
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